Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cuba - Game Video and some other videos - Last Day in Cuba

Day 6 – We played our last game near the steel mill outside of Havana (about 30 mins) – the field was encased by some real run down homes and obviously real poor area (the goofy part of Cuba is you don't see too much really poor areas).   The goats and chickens were making lots of noises just outside the centerfield fence and down the right field line as well.   I took a lot of video so these game hightlights will be a part of this & minute video via youtube –

A couple other videos:

A video of one my teammates giving a bag of items to the players -- he was explaining to them that the items were for them (not the children):

This is a video when we were at a Cuban Rum & Cigar bar -- what you are about to see is a flaming cappuccino -- heats up the Rum, lights it on fire, lifts the hot rum as high as he can and pours it into the cups. The flame follows all the way down.  This was pretty cool to watch --

Known for the music we were entertained by these guys -- pretty good too:

Our 69 year old pitching phenom -- we went 2-0 for us this week - Lou warming up -

One final posting tomorrow (or maybe tuesday) -- I also went back and uploaded a couple pictures in the prior postings.....see prior posting for a bunch of photos!!


~~ "You can observe a lot just by watching." - Yogi Berra ~~

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